20% off weekend sale! Use code BEROTTEN20 expires 9.9.19

Hey everyone! 

I wanted to have a weekend sale after Labor Day in honor of everyone being back in school!

So I’m offering you all 20% off my entire store until Monday 9.9.19 at 12:00am PST! So get your orders in over the weekend so I can get them out to you on Monday..  

use the code 

BEROTTEN20 to shop now for 20% off! 

I ran out of the topless photo ! It was in super high demand however I do have more photos available to sign for you, as well as key chains, magnets, and playing cards.  

We all know someone who would love to have me in their locker, on their base, or in their dorm! I have lots of products that I personally sign for you, all you have to do is drop a note to me for customization! 


Drop a comment please and and let me know what kind of merchandise you would like to see on Bonnierottenmerch.com !!! 

Yours always!!!!!