Bong Rips and Kitchen Trips Ep. 1 Pumpkin Bread !!!

Welcome to the 1st episode of my hilarious cooking series !


So I absolutely love cooking, especially baking its my favorite. I grew up in Ohio.. "O-H!!.. some of my most memorable and favorable moments growing up were spent in the kitchen during fall!

I used this recipe last year when I made pumpkin bread.. and it turned out amazing. I was thrilled to have it work again and this time as muffins!

I attached the link below for you to enjoy it also..

Enjoy my first epidose, its funny no one knows what they are doing. but I know those little dudes were tasty and we ate every single one in like... no time. Even my daughter 2 days later.. I left a plate of them on the counter and everytime she was quiet for 30 seconds I am like where are you little??? I hear giggling..... then I look over and shes sneaking muffins lol..........


So the muffins were a hit, or bread whatever shape you want to make it in. I suggest baking the muffins for less than the bread but you can check in on them and see the progress of the rising and the batter. 


Enjoy the video! Love always!!!!!